Come by and see our dispensary featuring the most up to date brands today. We focus on quality, style and durability with our frame selections.





Fit...and you thought style was most important?!

What are we looking at wwhen you try on a frame? Fit and how the frame will carry the prescription. Yes, it matters what your prescription is in selecting a frame. Some frames are more suited to some prescriptions just like some frames will look better than others on your face. We are here to help!

Frame quality

Yes, you can get inexpensive frames...and they will get out of adjustment quickly, lose their shape, and generally require a lot of maintenance or break easily. We sell only better and best quality frames...and they don't necessarily cost a lot. But we are very careful about the frames we carry since we'll maintain them for the life of the prescription.

Our warranty

We're so careful about our frame quality, that we warrant all our frames for one year from the date of purchase against breakage. If your frame should break due to a manufacturer defect within one year of the date of purchase, we will replace it once, or repair it.



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